About Us


Founded by blogger and former fashion buyer Kylie Abreu from ConfidentlyKylie.com. Stylish Mother is the ideal loungewear for the stylish yet practical mum. Designed by a mum for mums, Stylish Mother was created with the intention of assuring and empowering mums that life can still be stylish and exciting after motherhood.

Too often mums are left in the dark after giving birth. Feeling like they are no longer who they once were. Stylish Mother aims to break that belief and make mothers feel inspired through fashion.

All our products have been printed and sourced from reputable and ethical British Wholesalers and shipped to Aberdeen, Scotland where Stylish Mother is based. We pride ourselves at delivering high quality garments at an affordable price, while staying stylish and comfortable for the school or grocery run. 

To show our dedication to society and all women. We have partnered up with Women's aid, a UK wide charity dedicated to combatting Domestic Violence against women and children, to directly donate 5% of our profits. Look good while doing good.